Reterro risk management experts develop and implement a complete risk management program for each project to shield Reterro, its investors, sellers, and future buyers from environmental liabilities associated with brownfield transactions.  The program is a unique financial, technical, and contractual risk management solution designed to mitigate known and unknown, on and off-site, and third-party environmental risk that places the liability on the shoulders of entities best suited to accept them. The Reterro risk management program is buoyed by our patented EDT treatment technology and backed by a remediation performance cover from Munich RE, a leading global reinsurer.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Protects Sellers From Comeback Liabilities - indemnity from environmental liability contractually assumed by Reterro, including cleanup and third-party liability, environmental insurance, and financial assurance with the seller named as an additional insured supplemented by the EDT Munich RE performance guarantee that ensures cleanup certainty and eliminates seller comeback liability.

  • Eliminates Risk For Investors - complete de-risking of environmental liability, including remediation cost and schedule completion certainty, backed by a combination of environmental insurance and financial assurance with investors named as an additional insured; Reterro EDT Munich RE performance cover; guaranteed fixed price contracts with financially sound AAA bondable contractors; and appropriate cost and schedule contingencies.

  • Provides Certainty For Future Buyers - future buyers benefit from a contractual indemnity from environmental liability provided by Reterro and backed by a No Further Action determination from regulators; environmental insurance with buyers named as an additional insured to address issues that may arise due to new or changed regulatory requirements; financial assurance for known future environmental liabilities, such as reclamation or closure obligations; and the placement of recorded land use restrictions and engineering controls to mitigate risks for any residual contamination.