We do it for the families and the business owners who comprise our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. Through our clean and green remediation technology, we can help you clean contaminated sites and put them to productive use. And, we do it quickly, cost-effectively, and permanently. In fact, we guarantee our results.

Contaminated soil reduces property values, is a health problem, and a financial liability. Contaminants at these sites include solvents, gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and other hazardous materials originating from such sources as dry cleaners, gas stations and fuel storage facilities, and chemical manufacturing plants.

Many of these sites are located in densely populated urban, and space-constrained areas. Other remedial alternatives can be comparatively large and slow, and often contribute their own toxic emissions (such as traditional flame-based technologies) and may be deemed overly disruptive and demonstrably dangerous to health and safety. And, therefore, not viable options.

As a result, these sites typically sit vacant, unusable, and neglected for decades. These conditions ultimately impede the land’s use, and, lower the value of adjacent and nearby properties.

Reterro is dedicated to the rapid, sustainable, and curative elimination of the source of the problem.