Cleaning our earth. Simply put, that’s what we do. Turning what was once unusable soil into land full of renewed possibilities. Making places people wouldn’t touch into places where people can work, play, live, and thrive.

We developed our patented, green, Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT) as a method to remove a wide range of contaminants in soil including:

  • petroleum hydrocarbons
  • volatile & semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs & SVOCs)
  • chlorinated VOCs (CVOCs)

EDT is a mobile, all-electric, ex-situ vapor extraction system designed for high throughput. Soil remediation is accomplished by placing excavated, chemically-impacted soil into treatment bins fitted with vapor extraction lines that couple with an appropriate effluent treatment (off-gas) system.

The soil treatment bins are placed in thermally-insulated treatment chambers that hold two 10-ton capacity treatment bins, and include electric inlet blowers, and electric inlet heaters which inject heated air. The heated air is drawn into the chamber to extract the contaminants for capture and/or destruction.

Reterro EDT equipment is designed around ISO container frames for easy mobilization.