Former Dry Cleaning Facility
Low Temperature Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT)


  • Site Information
  • Reterro EDT was selected as the remedial alternative to treat 1,800 tons of chlorinated volatile organic compound (CVOC) contaminated soil at a former dry cleaning facility in Union City, California

An air discharge permit was obtained from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which allowed operation of the flameless evaporative desorption ex situ thermal treatment unit.  Impacted soil consisted of Bay Mud, a fine-grained soil resistant to soil treatment methods.  The soils targeted for treatment were in the vadose zone and below water table soils to a depth of 10 feet.

Reterro mobilized one EDT system to the site in September 2016, and commenced evaporative desorption soil processing, with a goal of completing the project within 45 days. Soil treatment goals were set one order of magnitude lower then environmental screening levels, and soil sampling of treated materials confirmed that the evaporative desorption process achieved those goals. Evaporative desorption processing of saturated Bay Mud materials provided an early site challenge that was addressed through real-time process engineering optimization.

Project Statistics
Contaminants of concern: Chlorinated Volatile Organic Carbons (CVOCs)

  • PCE
  • TCE
  • Cis-1,2-DCE

Soil: Clay and silt (Bay Mud)
Excavation depth: 10 feet
Groundwater depth: 5 feet
Project size: 1,800 tons

Proximity to residential properties created emission and sound limitations

EDT achieved
Low temperature EDT effective
Electric, flameless unit both quiet and zero-emission
Easily deployed to remote sites
Zero reportable safety incidents


Guaranteed results

Project Team
Consultant: APEX/SGI
Contractor: ICS
Subcontractor: Reterro, Inc.
Regulatory oversight: Alameda County Department of Environmental Health