We are determined to use the most green technologies and methods possible.

Reterro’s on-site treatment technology is unrivaled not only in mobility, cost effectiveness and speed-to-completion, but also in our unyielding commitment to sustainability. It’s the foundation of everything we do. 

Our proprietary Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT) process for soil remediation makes sure the only thing we leave at our sites is a successful clean up. Nothing else. 

  • Flameless & electric, providing the effectiveness of thermal treatment without the emissions & permitting challenges

  • Adherence to regulated emission standards in the most highly regulated air quality management districts

  • Treating contaminated soil for reuse on-site

  • Eliminating liabilities, safety issues and pollution associated with trucking. We keep thousands of trucks and their emissions off the road.

EDT is a green remedial alternative, and considered a BMP by ASTM “Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups”. Reterro commissioned WSP to quantify the environmental footprint of EDT compared to dig-and-haul in a screening-level Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with a Cradle-to-Grave system boundary. The LCA demonstrates that the use of our on-site remedial technology provides significantly lower environmental impact as compared to dig and haul. A detailed summary may be found here.