Regulatory Closure Issued at Former Bulk Fuel Terminal
Low Temperature Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT)


To divest a former petroleum fuel bulk plant (1937-1991) for residential redevelopment, our client sought a remediation solution to “Cleanup Complete with Institutional Controls” to achieve regulatory closure from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC).

The Reterro Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT), an ADEC-approved soil treatment method, was selected for on-site soil treatment of 456 tons of diesel-impacted soils.

Most of Sitka, including its roads, is underlain by a weak layer of peat; and as a result potential road damage due to heavy transport loads was one factor in evaluating on-site versus off-site (i.e., transportation and disposal) remedial alternatives. 

The primary factors of the EDT system that increased project safety and cost efficiency were the minimization of road transportation, the potential road damage, the uncertainty due to external factors (i.e., weather and road conditions), repeated heavy vehicle operations in size limited areas, and costs associated with off-site transportation and disposal.  

Project Statistics
Contaminants of concern: Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • Diesel Range Organics (DRO)

14 day project duration
Clay, peat and silt soil
4-foot excavation depth
Project size: 456 tons

Proximity to residential properties created emission and sound limitations
Extremely remote location
Peat in soil presented temperature restrictions

EDT achieved 90% reduction of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil
Low temperature EDT effective without risk of peat flammability
Electric, flameless unit both quiet and zero-emission
Easily deployed by barge and local truck to remote site
Zero reportable safety incidents

Alternative to trucking and barging soil to Oregon for disposal
Eliminated landfill costs and liability
Guaranteed results

Project Team
Consultant/Contractor: GHD (Formerly) CRA
Subcontractor: Reterro, Inc.
Regulatory oversight: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC)