Our goal is complete safety for our employees and the communities in which we do work. That includes compliance with local permitting and OSHA guidelines. Reterro adheres to strict safety discipline, monitoring, and reporting.

We outlined our own Tenets of Operations below to exceed customer expectations in getting the job done efficiently and effectively; never at the expense of a safe working and living environment.

Tenets of Operations

  1. Understand, and work within, equipment and environmental limitations
  2. Plan and execute all work with safety as the first consideration
  3. Understand, and verify the function of, all safety devices
  4. Understand, and always follow, the procedures designed to keep you safe
  5. Exceed customer expectations, starting with the expectation of safe working conditions
  6. Follow management of change processes for all equipment and processes
  7. Compliance with rules and regulations is mandatory
  8. Immediately report, or correct, all unsafe conditions
  9. Follow procedures, and when no procedure exists, find someone knowledgeable and have one produced
  10. Don’t assume, don’t guess – ask an expert

Fully EPA-Compliant

Our proprietary technology has been proven in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, meeting the most stringent EPA requirements. We measure the contaminated soil before and after treatment with a third-party lab certifying the results. The operational site is also continuously monitored in an effort to preclude air contamination or other temporary issues during the process.We proudly meet all EPA Feasibility Criteria.