We monitor our sites 24/7, and believe in the importance of quality control from start to finish for an end result that exceeds expectations.

Reterro also provides performance and price guarantees. To this end, Reterro guarantees remedial certainty of its soil treatment to an agreed upon cleanup or reuse standard at a fixed price per ton. 

We offer a quick, cost-effective, clean, and compliant route to unlock the value in previously unusable, contaminated sites.

Our equipment and experienced operators are dispatched to your site with the goal of achieving the desired cleanup level, up to the strictest criteria for residential re-development.  The Reterro process is also designed to meet your project timelines.

We promise:

  • Certified Reterro operators on site to ensure safety & high production rates
  • Impeccable safety & system security; sites are remotely monitored 24/7
  • Guaranteed removal of contaminants
  •  Remote link of each system to Engineering HQ
  •  Operational data & cleaning effectiveness continuously monitored