Major Oil Company
Former Bulk Fuel Terminal

Low Temperature Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT)


Site Information:
An oil company owned and operated a bulk petroleum storage plant at the 1 acre site in Fortuna, CA from 1924 to 1984. Over the years, the city of Fortuna expanded, which resulted in commercial, industrial, and residential development adjacent to the bulk plant property. The site was subject to multiple phases of subsurface remediation over a 25-year time span, which never resolved the subsurface contamination issues. Contaminants of concern in soils included gasoline and diesel range organics. 

Reterro was selected as an alternative to off-site disposal.

Excavation was planned at depths up to 15 feet, and approximately 5,000 gallons of perched water and minor accumulations of separate phase hydrocarbons (SPH) were encountered where prior remedial excavations had been backfilled with open-graded material. Reterro coordinated blending of the groundwater and SPH into site soils and treated the mixture via EDT. 

Project Statistics
Contaminants of concern: Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • Gasoline Range Organics (GRO)

  • Diesel Range Organics (DRO)

  • Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes (BTEX)

Clay & silt with sand & gravel soil
15-foot excavation depth
Project size: 7,000 tons of soil

Client requested commercial level clean-up standard
Proximity to residential and commercial properties created emission and sound limitations
Time sensitive project

Soil remediated far below regulatory limits (see graph)
On-site treatment schedule compared favorably to off site transport and disposal
Flameless, electric unit permitted to strictest Air Quality Management District standards
Easily deployed to high density area
Zero reportable safety incidents

Avoided risk factors associated with transport and disposal
Seasonal weather did not effect operations
Cost-effective, guaranteed results

Project Team
Consultant: AECOM
Contractor: RECON Services, LP.
Subcontractor: Reterro, Inc.
Regulatory oversight: CA NCRWQCB and North Coast Air Quality Management District (NCAQMD)