Major Oil Company
Two Natural Gas Compressor Stations, South Texas
Low Temperature Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT)

Site Information:
Reterro successfully completed environmental remediation services at an E&P company's Eagle Ford Basin natural gas compressor stations located near Edinburg, Texas.

Condensate spills associated with pipelines had occurred at the two compressor stations, and soil analysis showed that the site had been impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, with BTEX condensates identified as the primary chemicals of concern.. 

Reterro was retained to provide EDT soil remediation services to treat benzene and xylene contaminated soil excavated from around natural gas pipelines at the compressor stations.

Reterro deployed a single mobile EDT unit to the remote compressor stations and the onsite treatment represented a significant cost savings and a reduction in transportation liability for the client. Soil removed by excavation and treated by Reterro was used as backfill.

Reterro EDT soil treatment successfully decreased contamination levels to meet Texas Railroad Commission standards.

Project Statistics
Contaminates of Concern: Natural Gas Condensate

  • Benzene to 10 mg/kg

  • Xylene to 120 mg/kg

Clay and silt with sand
No groundwater
Project size:  2,400 tons

Remote location of the compressor stations made diesel fueling and grid power access impractical
Most contaminated soil was located around active buried natural gas lines

Mobility of Reterro EDT system allowed for easy access to each remote compressor station
Excavation using soft dig techniques to remove soil from around active pipes and stockpiled soil in advance of EDT treatment
Natural gas generator, fueled by natural gas lines at each compressor station used to power the EDT system.

Eliminated transport and disposal of over 100 truckloads of soil with associated traffic risks
Eliminated landfill costs and liability
Reduced benzene levels from ~10 mg/kg to below the cleanup goal of 0.026 mg/kg to meet regulatory approval for onsite soil reuse
Zero reportable safety incidents

Project Team
Consultant: NewField Consulting
Contractor: Flint Energy Service
Subcontractor: Reterro, Inc.
Regulatory oversight: Texas Railroad Commission