Reterro, Inc., Completes Integration of Green Remediation Platform, Establishes Technology Leadership In Waste-Stream and Soil Cleaning

Company Provides the Industry’s Foremost Compliant and Curative Solution For Tens of Thousands of Contaminated Locations Worldwide

Pleasanton, CA, September 3, 2013 – Reterro, Inc., an emerging green remediation leader in eliminating hydrocarbon contamination from ongoing waste streams and soil, announced today that it has completed the integration of the green remediation technology platform of Brady Environmental, Inc., a vanguard technology provider in its industry.

Reterro has been managing the integration and next-generation development of the advanced platform since it completed its asset acquisition of the hydrocarbon soil remediation solution set last year.  Reterro said that the company is now ready to convert its recognized technology pre-eminence into market leadership.

The green remediation platform has been central to the success of numerous waste-stream and soil remediation projects in the Pacific Northwest in the past few years.  A number of these projects have enabled substantial economic development and community improvements, ranging from the construction of a large hotel owned by a nationwide chain to parks and green space designed for families to enjoy.

“Patrick Brady, the developer of our green remediation platform, is among the most successful innovators in waste-stream cleaning and soil remediation,” said Reterro Chief Executive Officer Ferdinand Seemann.  “This powerful technology platform has an enviable track record of success in producing 100% environmental certainty – which is the precise mission of Reterro.”

“The over-riding goal of Reterro is to clean waste streams and remediate contaminated soil cost-effectively and permanently -- in a process that is measured in hours,” said Mr. Brady.  “Reterro is dedicated to the immediate, sustainable and curative elimination of the source of the problem, whether it is in a waste stream or in the soil.”

Mr. Seemann said that Reterro expects to announce a number of significant projects in 2013.

About Reterro

Reterro, Inc., provides the foremost compliant and curative green remediation solution for tens of thousands of locations worldwide that are government-mandated to clean ongoing hydrocarbon waste streams and undergo soil remediation for existing hydrocarbon contaminated waste.  Uniquely effective in urban, populated and space-constrained environments in which health and safety restrictions prohibit any other competing technologies, Reterro is unrivaled in mobility, cost-effectiveness and speed-to-completion, with a record of 100% certainty of efficacy.



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